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HYDROSOLS - What Are they & How Are They Used?

by Back-to-Basics

Back to Basics is very pleased to announce a new product line ~ HYDROSOLS!

Available are five Pure Natural HYDROSOLS,

---all steam-distilled from a single variety of Herb, Root, Wood, Spice, Fruit or Flower---

  • Bulgarian Rose [Rosa damascena]
  • Bulgarian Lavender [Lavandula augustifolia]
  • Sandalwood [Santalum album]
  • Neroli [Citrus aurantium var.amara(flos) ]
  • Roman Chamomile [Chamaemelum nobile]

...but what is a Hydrosol you ask?

Hydrosol is a distinct chemical term from the Latin 'hydro' (water) & 'sol' (solution) ~ so a hydrosol IS soluble in water...Hydrosols , also known as Hydrolates, are the pure, water-based solutions created when essential oils are steam distilled. Through this process, "a potent, yet subtle form of medicine is created, one that is able to be ingested as well as applied directly to the skin, unlike most pure essential oils. Hydrosols are in fact regarded as the Homeopathic version of Aromatherapy-and therefore can be used when working with children, pregnant women,animals and those with fragile or compromised immune systems.'

Hydrosols-unlike an essential oil- [so no point adding a'few drops' to your bath or drink bottle...as oil WILL NOT disperse in water unaided!] can also be used as is,not requiring to be broken down as an essential oil is-although of course you can add it to your face/body creme or shampoo/conditioner or spray directly on your face/hands/body [ALWAYS remembering basic safety~ do NOT spray any hydrosol/essential oil in your eyes/mouth & ALWAYS be careful with babies & young children. Apply to a baby wipe or your palm before putting on a child's face]...hydrosols are wonderful for calming & soothing cranky babies!

In her book, "Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy"(Capital City Press,2001), Suzanne Catty introduces Hydrosols as the 'Next Aromatherapy' and gives wonderful advice on how to use PURE Hydrosols. Back to Basics Hydrosols are completely pure-direct from the source- and not adulterated in any way[many companies sell Hydrosols that have alcohol & other additives..these are NOT real Hydrosols!]. Hydrosols are also perfect for using around children and infants, as the lower dose of pure therapeutic plant matter in a hydrosol is so much lower and safer for their delicate skin & developing immune systems.

Pure Hydrosols are:

  • significantly milder than essential oils
  • water-soluble for ease of application,absorption & ingestion
  • dilutable down to homeopathic proportions
  • Gentle yet effective
  • Perfect for Aromatherapy & safe around pets & children
  • Perfect for both the cosmetic bag & the first aid kit
  • Provide medicinal,therapeutic & cosmetic benefits that may not be present in the essential oil derived from the original source

-Please do come in & try our gorgeous new Hydrosols or consider using them instead of -or to complement- your essential oil staples!

- Back to Basics 

PS: More posts to come on the benefits of each individual Hydrosol, stay tuned!! 


March 22, 2018

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