LITTLE BOOK OF PRACTICAL MAGIC, THE. A Beginner's Guide To Crystals, Auras, Horoscopes & Spells


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by Sarah Bartlett

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BARTLETT (SARAH)  LITTLE BOOK OF PRACTICAL MAGIC, THE. A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO CRYSTALS, AURAS, HOROSCOPES & SPELLS    This enchanting little book is for the 'occult curious'. For anyone interested in crystals - because they are pretty or just might calm the spirit. Discover not only the secrets of crystals, herbs, chakras, fortune telling and psychic power, but also how to work with them for personal success, love and wellbeing. You don't have to believe in magic to read this book - magic is simply about making wondrous and good things happen. With this practical guide, you can quickly learn to make magic in your life, and enhance your own intuitive and healing powers.    PIATKUS

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