ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MIND BODY SPIRIT, THE. Complete Guide To Healing Therapies, Esoteric Wisdom & Spiritual Traditions, The.


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by William Bloom, Judy Hall & David Peters

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BLOOM (WILLIAM) ,HALL (JUDY) & PETERS (DAVID) ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MIND BODY SPIRIT, THE. COMPLETE GUIDE TO HEALING THERAPIES  Bringing together a range of expert authors from various fields of complementary health, personal development and esoteric wisdom, this comprehensive and authoritative reference provides the complete guide to healing therapies, exercise and diet regimes and spiritual traditions from around the world. Clearly and logically organized into three main parts, Mind, Body and Spirit, the book then is divided into subsections including Divination and Prophecy, Energy Therapies and Earth Mysteries. A comprehensive cross-referencing system allows you to find related subjects easily and take your understanding to a deeper level, while step-by-step photography and stunning illustrations provide further insights into therapies and spiritual approaches. A prestige publication, this book is ideal for both beginners and more advanced readers. From mythology to psychic skills, and astrology to Wicca, this encyclopedia is the only resource you will ever need   OCTOPUS PUBLISHING GROUP LTD.

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