FRENCH CARTOMANCY [ Lenormand ].The True Cartomancy From the Hands of Madame Lenormand


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by Laura Tuan [translated]

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TUAN (LAURA) [translated] FRENCH CARTOMANCY. THE TRUE CARTOMANCY FROM THE HANDS OF MADAME LENORMAND. The definitive guide to the French cartomancy tradition. The images of Madame Lenormand lead you into a universe of symbols and depictions capable of evoking the everyday and connecting it to the magic that surrounds us. The cards permit the future to be revealed. The French Cartomancy deck is a 36-card oracle, a reconstruction of a deck from the era of Mlle. Lenormand. The cards are numbered but untitled, and feature pastoral scenes with a playing card inset.  LO SCARABEO.

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