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by Jean-Claude Coven

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Kovens book tells a compelling story, employs fascinating and unique characters, is both timely and timeless, and is overflowing with spiritual and metaphysical wisdom of the highest order. Koven takes us to the centre of Universal Creation as he explains the nature of reality and the purpose of our human existence. GOING DEEPER is an amazing story, an entertaining and thoroughly potent spiritual manual for how to live in the higher Self. GOING DEEPER is a great ride through profound wisdom, presented in an accessible manner. This is one of those rare books that will be read and reread, and treasured as a true marker of the transformation of your life. Author Jean-Claude Koven is one of those rare, independent, and adventurous free spirits who successfully combines practical enterprise and cosmic mystery.

 He is a highly successful entrepreneur who has launched more than a dozen business ventures over the course of four decades, during which time he studied with spiritual masters and led awareness-expanding workshops on six continents. GOING DEEPER tells the story of Larry Randers, a successful Los Angeles attorney, who is recovering from a painful divorce and questioning the shape and direction of his life after the reality-shattering events of September 11, 2001. Through an improbable series of events, he adopts a multi-breed dog in Oklahoma, which had been orphaned by a freak tornado. But Zeus is no ordinary dog. Larry and Zeus are diverted during a trip toward Phoenix by a voice in Larrys head, and they end up in Joshua Tree National Park, two hours east of Los Angeles. There, he experiences a roller-coaster ride of extraordinary initiations, triggered by his encounter with a talking tree, ephemeral Native American teachers, a talking raccoon and many other embodied and disembodied entities. Larrys journey is our journey, and as he grows out of complacency and ignorance, so do we.

As he travels beyond space and time, so do we. As he becomes permanently altered and realises who we are and what our purpose on Earth is, so do we. Jean-Claudes abiding love of the mystery of Creation sent him around the world on a relentless quest to learn from a host of extraordinary masters both on and beyond this plane of existence. What he saw and realised along the way informs his unique perspective and imbues his writing with uncommon love, power, and wisdom. Jean-Claude speaks for the millions of Lightworkers who have come to this planet to help evolve the consciousness of its people. With startling clarity and power, Jean-Claudes words and wisdom awaken the dormant memories hidden deep within each of us. Suddenly, we remember our true self and our true purpose and with such certainty that we never fall asleep again.

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