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by James Wong

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JAMES WONG. GROW YOUR OWN DRUGS: SEASON 2 (DVD)From ice lollies made from Echinacea to acne gels made from marigold flowers, home-made natural remedies are about to get a makeover as ethnobotanist James Wong reveals how to Grow Your Own Drugs. In this innovative series, James demonstrates how to make a variety of remedies and offers an informative guide to plants and gardening along the way. He tells how to harness heir natural beneficial properties to help with minor everyday ailments, from coughs and colds to eczema and insomnia, plus great ideas for luscious, free beauty fix. Includes recipes for Anti-Dandruff, Indigestion, Throat Infection, Arthritis and Psoriasis, Burns, Insect Repellent, Mouthwash, Sore Throat, Shaving Rash, Hay Fever and more.

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