HEDGE WITCH: Spells, Crafts & Rituals for Natural Magick.


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By Silver RavenWolf

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Transform your life with a little help from nature! Working in harmony with the earth's energy is the heart of the free-spirited, simple garden magick known as Hedge Witchery. This guidebook from the  immensely popular Silver RavenWolf has everything a new Hedge Witch needs to connect in a personal way with nature's creative,  life-affirming energy and use it in magick and spellwork. "Hedge Witch" features a fourteen-lesson, hands-on guide that you complete at your own pace, interacting with different aspects of nature in simple yet life-changing ways. The fourteen rituals, which can be done alone or with a group, culminate in an inspiring dedication ceremony. Along with a wealth of helpful hints on using Hedge Witch magick for love, health, and beauty, this guide presents tips and recipes for soap making, tea-leaf reading, butterfly garden magick, organically growing your own herbs, and a variety of other ways to use HedgeWitchery in your hearth, home, and garden.

ENDORSEMENT: "RavenWolf's prose is  delightful and inviting ... a wonderful guidebook for readers who are serious about beginning a Wiccan spiritual journey."


Paperback | 336 pages
Dimensions 190 x 232 x 22.86mm | 680.39g

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