HELLENISMOS. Practicing Greek Polytheism Today


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by Tony Mierzwicki & Jo-Ann Byers-Mierzwicki

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MIERZWICKI (TONY) & BYERS-MIERZWICKI (JO-ANN) HELLENISMOS. PRACTICING GREEK POLYTHEISM TODAY  The religion of the ancient Greeks has lain dormant for too long. In Hellenismos, Tony Mierzwicki shows how to bring it back in all of its primal glory. Learn how to forge personal relationships with the ancient Greek deities. Recreate the practices of the Greeks and enjoy the richness of their spiritual practice. Explore this accessible introduction to Greek reconstruction and discover: Ancient Greek history and culture, Deities, Daimones, and Heroes, Simple daily observances and personal practice, The lunar cycle and monthly, yearly, and festival observances, How to incorporate reconstruction and magick into Pagan or Wiccan practice and Controversial issues regarding Greek reconstruction. LLEWELLYN.

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