HOW TO TELL THE FUTURE. Discover & Shape Your Future Through Palm-Reading, Tarot, Astrology, Chinese Arts, I Ching


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by Sally Morningstar

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MORNINGSTAR (SALLY) HOW TO TELL THE FUTURE. DISCOVER & SHAPE YOUR FUTURE THROUGH PALM-READING, TAROT, ASTROLOGY, CHINESE ARTS, I CHING, SYMBOLS & LISTENING TO YOUR DREAMS  This book will guide you, step-by-step, into a life full of promise and change, where you can tap into the world's cosmic power to help you make decisions and fulfil your destiny. The first section, Ancient Wisdom, teaches age-old ways to determine character and trace one's passage through life. In the second section, Earth Secrets, ancient practices and rites are rediscovered. Finally, the Mysterious Arts are revealed in the third part, where you will find out what the mystical tarot deck and I Ching can tell you about the course of your life. This enchanting book will show you how to use different skills and practices in harmony with each other to gain the most from life. HERMES HOUSE (ANNESS PUBLISHING LTD).

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