INNER TRADITION OF YOGA, THE. A Guide To Yoga Philosophy For The Contemporary Practitioner


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by Michael Stone

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STONE (MICHAEL) INNER TRADITION OF YOGA, THE. A GUIDE TO YOGA PHILOSOPHY FOR THE CONTEMPORARY PRACTITIONER At the root of yoga practice there is a vast and intriguing philosophy that teaches the ethics of nonviolence, patience, honesty, and respect. Innovative teacher Michael Stone draws from numerous disciplines–including Buddhism and psychotherapy–to provide an in-depth, completely clear explanation of yogic philosophy, along with teachings on how to bring our understanding of yoga theory to deeper levels through our practice on the mat–and through our relationships with others. Yoga, says Stone, is a practice that helps us be more present with the actual, fluid life we are living right now–and there is no yoga without the conditions of your life. This book describes how to work with those conditions and how to fully appreciate yoga as a practice of being intimate with moment-to-moment reality.  SHAMBALA PUBLICATIONS, INC.

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