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by  Felicity Warner

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Sacred Oils are part of a 4000-year-old mystery school tradition, powerful tools for deep transformation, healing and consciousness. This knowledge is passed from master to master - only a handful of people alive hold the knowledge of these exquisite oils. Felicity Warner is a Mistress of the Oils. As a descendant of Mary Magdalene, she uses the oils to heal soul wounds and the light-body, and to work as a spiritual guide for those passing to the other side. In this book, Felicity guides the reader through a healing journey with twenty of the world's most treasured oils. Detailing their history all the way back to Egypt and Babylon, she shows the reader how to get started mixing, diluting and applying the oils, how to store and blend them. The book includes case studies, meditations and mandalas. Sacred Oils is aimed at anyone seeking deep healing, self-care and expanded consciousness, or wishing to develop their work in divination, prophecy and spiritual guidance. This is the very first book of its kind - there is nothing else like it on the market.  HAY HOUSE INC.

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