WISDOM OF THE SHAMANS, THE. What The Ancient Masters Can Teach Us About Love And Life


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by Don Jose Ruiz

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RUIZ (DON JOSE) WISDOM OF THE SHAMANS, THE. WHAT THE ANCIENT MASTERS CAN TEACH US ABOUT LOVE AND LIFE  In 1997, don Miguel Ruiz wrote The Four Agreements, a book that launched a spiritual revolution. Rooted in the traditional wisdom of the ancient Toltecs, the book encouraged people to move beyond self-imposed limitations and create rich and textured interior lives. In The Wisdom of the Shamans, don Miguel Ruiz’s son, don Jose Ruiz, continues the journey and expands the teachings that have inspired millions. In ten concise chapters, he discusses the core principles that should govern our lives. Each chapter begins with an ancient North American shaman teaching story, followed by an exploration of a specific concept, such as awareness, intent, gratitude, creativity, and following your own heart. And each chapter includes a set of exercises that will help you to put those principles into practice. The book also provides an explanation of the how the ancient shamanic masters employed storytelling to vivify the core lessons of authentic love and a meaningful life. This inspirational book is further enhanced by Ruiz’s generous use of personal anecdotes—how he heard the stories initially, how they impacted his own life, and the transformational moment when he and his brother don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. were initiated into the family’s Toltec tradition. This is a wise and practical book that will further the spiritual revolution begun by the author’s father and encourage people to live with awareness, gratitude, and grace.   HIEROPHANT PUBLISHING

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