Cleaning and Laundry

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Prewash Stain Remover
Can be sprayed on to stains or used as a pre-wash soak.
Size AUD$8.00
Window Cleaner
The Back to Basics window cleaner
Size AUD$8.00
Wool Wash
A eucalyptus wool wash
Size AUD$8.00
Enviro Dishwashing Liquid

A natural dishwashing liquid with no nasty chemicals that is good for people, good for the planet. Uses coconut-derived cleaning agent with lemongrass.

Size AUD$8.00
Enviro Laundry Liquid

Quite simply the most environmentally friendly laundry liquid you can use. No sodium, no phosphates, enhanced for grey water use. Can be used in front- or top-loading washing machines.

Size AUD$9.00
Eucalyptus Laundry Liquid
Size AUD$9.00
Multipurpose Liquid
A natural cleaning liquid made from coconut derived cleaners that can be use for everything from washing dishes to floors and cars.
Size AUD$8.00
Household Degreaser
The Back to Basics household degreaser
Size AUD$8.00

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