BOOK YOU WERE BORN TO WRITE, THE. Everything You Need To (Finally) Get Your Wisdom Onto The Page And Into The World


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by Kelly Notaras

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NOTARAS (KELLY) BOOK YOU WERE BORN TO WRITE, THE. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO (FINALLY) GET YOUR WISDOM ONTO THE PAGE AND INTO THE WORLD  A guide to writing a full-length transformational nonfiction book, from an editor with two decades’ experience working with authors from all walks of life. This book will light the way—offering a simple, step-by-step path that takes authors from concept to finished book. In it, publishing veteran Kelly Notaras demystifies the publishing process and gives writers the tools, insider information, and inspiration to start strong, keep going, and get across the finish line as quickly as possible.   HAY HOUSE INC. 

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