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by David Hamilton

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HAMILTON (DAVID) HOW YOUR MIND CAN HEAL YOUR BODY   This anniversary edition celebrates ten years since the publication of David Hamilton's radical book, How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body. A game changer in the field, it proposed that we could use the power of imagination and thought processes to stimulate our body's own defences and healing systems to combat disease, pain and illness. Updated with the latest scientific research on the mind-body connection, the book compiles the scientific studies that have been done in the past ten years. In addition to the existing real life stories from people who have successfully visualised themselves well, David has conducted new case studies that confirm the success of his methods. These true stories include recoveries from autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, heart conditions, viruses, eyesight problems, sporting injuries and even colds and flu. Finally, the book offers readers an A-Z list of visualisations for different physical (and some mental) conditions, based on real examples from David's popular workshops, to enable readers to implement David's revolutionary methods.     HAY HOUSE INC.

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